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Habits of Successful China Expats

  • Post by Charissa
  • September 20, 2017
China expat

They negotiate.

A few people love negotiating, but most love to hate it. Successful China expats know when to bargain and how much they can bargain. They also know how to balance saving the face of the shop owner while at the same time getting a great deal.

They learn to let it go.

Did someone just elbow you on the subway? Did you spend 2 hours at the bank trying to do a simple international wire transfer? Did something break in your apartment for the 30th time? Did you spend 15 minutes trying to get someone to understand a simple sentence you were trying to say in Chinese? Did the taxi driver misunderstand you and take you to the other side of town? Did your bike get stolen again? Are you having visa problems? No matter what the issue is, a successful expa

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How to spend Christmas in China

  • Post by Charissa
  • September 19, 2017

Celebrating Christmas in a foreign country can be just as fun as celebrating the holidays back home. Of course, you'll still miss family and old friends, but the great part about living in a new country is all the new friends you can meet! No matter what city you're living in, most major malls or five-star hotels in China will have lots of special Christmas events and food to take part of. The entire month of December in most major cities is full of fun activities such as Christmas markets, cookie decorating parties, or Christmas balls. Sign up for your embassy's newsletter or follow the local expat magazines to keep up with everything that's going on.As Chr

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