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China: The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Post by Charissa
  • November 2, 2016

Some of the best advice I've ever received about teaching English in China is to expect the unexpected.  To the vast majority of people, China is a place of mystery, and if you believe the news, a pretty scary place. Some expats in China have mostly good experiences, and other expats have mostly bad experiences. Yet truth be told, China is neither a good or a bad place; it's just a place that is different from your home country. Whether you see the good or see the bad depends a great deal on your worldview and if you view life as a glass half empty or Read More

Best food delivery apps in China

  • Post by Charissa
  • October 19, 2016

After moving to China, the best way to adapt to China life is by using the same apps that locals use. Of course, we all need to eat so the most important apps to first download in China (besides learning Chinese and map apps) should be related to food.Nothing is better than authentic and extremely diverse Chinese food, but sometimes you really crave food from home or some other type of Western food. Luckily, food delivery apps have a wide variety of whatever you might be craving. And there's nothing better than ordering your dinner while still at the office and having it arrive at your home the same time you do.China currently has three major food delivery apps that are completely in Chinese and two additional English apps that are primarily for non-Chinese speakers. Although

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Four of the Best Ways to Relax in China

  • Post by Charissa
  • October 3, 2016

Living in China can be stressful at times and we all need to relax more to handle the challenges life throws at us living abroad. Luckily, China provides many ways to de-stress and keep you on your A game.

Foot massage

You do a lot of walking in China so pampering your feet should be a weekly or monthly ritual. Getting a foot massage in China is much more than just a simple foot massage. It’s more like spending a couple hours at a spa where you need to change your clothes and sometimes may even have a buffet meal included in the rate. Just remember before you get your first foot massage in China to learn the word for “gentler” in Chinese as sometimes they can get pretty intense!


What is more Chinese than acupuncture? Not much. Although it will be m

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Housing Options in China

  • Post by Charissa
  • August 28, 2016

If you’re coming to China to teach English with a Good Teachers Union school, you’ll need some sort of housing. (Unless you’re the outdoorsy type and are bringing a tent. Hey, whatever floats your boat.) In a previous post, we wrote about some great tips for finding and using an agent to locate your dream apartment, but what are all your housing options? Here’s a handy list.

Studio apartments

This type of apartment has two levels that aren’t closed off and may or may not have a full kit

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Riding the subway in China

  • Post by Charissa
  • March 9, 2016
China subway

If you’ve decided to come to China to teach English and are living in a larger Chinese city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chongqing, the subway or metro is the fastest, most affordable transportation option you will have. However, riding the subway on your own for the first time might be a bit intimidating. Here’s what you need to know to make things a lot easier.Finding the nearest subway stationThe best map app to use in China is Baidu maps. Baidu is the Google of China. However, currently there is no English version for their map app. To find the nearest subway station in your

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China Expat Websites

  • Post by Charissa
  • January 1, 2016
Expat websites

[caption id="attachment_728" align="alignnone" width="1920"] Many China expat websites also publish a free monthly or weekly magazine[/caption]There is nothing worse than moving to a new city with no friends and no clue where to find anything you need. Luckily, if you are moving to China for the first time to teach English or study Chinese, there are several helpful China expat websites that can let you know what is going on in the city and where to get the things you need.

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Top Reasons To Use A VPN

  • Post by Tony
  • August 27, 2015
If you use a VPN you can bypass China's firewall

This article first appeared on To view the full article please click this link.So you’ve done some research on VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), hopefully you’ve read my article on Proxies vs. VPNs (if you haven’t I suggest you start there) and decided that a VPN is the way to go. It is the strongest tool to protect your internet privacy.Perhaps you are wondering ‘why use a VPN at all?’ what’s all the fuss is about: why do so many people take using a VPN seriously?Well,

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Living In China

  • Post by Tony
  • August 26, 2015
Living in China at night

China is huge. It’s simply massive, and highly populated. In 2013, the People’s Republic of China put its population at over 1.3 Billion. The United Nations projected their population to be somewhere north of 1.4 Billion in 2014. These figures don’t even include Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.As highly populated as China is, it’s also able to retain its natural beauty. China has the number one farm output of any nation. And as many as 150 million people- half the population of the United States, most of them farmers- live on one dollar a day.This means that China encompasses both ends of the spectrum; from the capital, Beijing, with its over 21 million people and endless skyscrapers to the Qinghai

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