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Teaching in China Mistakes to Avoid

  • Post by Charissa
  • December 11, 2016
Teaching in China

Teaching in China is becoming more and more popular as the world learns more about China and Chinese culture. In addition, living expenses are quite low so many teachers in China are able to save a great deal of money to pay off their school loans or start saving for a house. Although teaching in China might be pretty interesting, new China teachers often make the same mistakes when they first arrive. Here are a few of the most common mistakes:

Not getting advice beforehand

Moving to any foreign country without doing some research is probably not wise, but moving to China to teach English without talking to previous China teachers is rea

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China: The good, the bad, and the ugly

  • Post by Charissa
  • November 2, 2016

Some of the best advice I've ever received about teaching English in China is to expect the unexpected.  To the vast majority of people, China is a place of mystery, and if you believe the news, a pretty scary place. Some expats in China have mostly good experiences, and other expats have mostly bad experiences. Yet truth be told, China is neither a good or a bad place; it's just a place that is different from your home country. Whether you see the good or see the bad depends a great deal on your worldview and if you view life as a glass half empty or Read More

Life after Studying Abroad in China

  • Post by Charissa
  • March 18, 2016
Studying Abroad

Traveling to China to study abroad is an excellent use of your summer vacation or gap year. While your classmates will probably choose the typical, boring English-speaking countries such as the USA, the UK or Australia, you should stand out from the crowd! You can gain a key advantage by studying in China and an even greater advantage by working there. By continuing to live in China after you finish studying abroad, you’ll already known enough about the country to easily transition into a career in China.Working as an English teacher in China right after you finish studyin

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Five More Reasons to Teach English In China

  • Post by Charissa
  • October 21, 2015
Teach English in China

Are you on the fence about whether you should teach English in China or not? If our previous article on why you should teach in China wasn't enough to convince you, here are 5 more great reasons why it might be the best job ever.

  1. You will increase your network of international contacts
Anytime you work in a new country, you will meet new people who are different from you. Not only will this help you develop a more well-rounded worldview, it will also expand your network. Networking is one of the keys to success no matter what you do in life. During your time tea

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5 Reasons To Teach English In China

  • Post by Charissa
  • September 13, 2015
Teach English in China

[caption id="attachment_75" align="alignnone" width="1136"] GTU teacher Jennifer teaching English in China[/caption]Teaching in China can be a rewarding experience for teachers of any age. China is a particularly interesting and fascinating place to live. That being said, there are challenges and life may not be as easy as it is at home; however, overall, China has a lot of great experiences to offer! Here are just a few reasons why you should teach English in China:

  1. There is huge demand for English teachers
There are over a billion people in China! Granted, not all of them want to learn English, but for the younger generation, lea

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Moving Abroad: How To Make Money

  • Post by Tony
  • August 31, 2015
Outside the office

Traveling, for most people, is a big deal. Whether it’s just a cruise for a week, or an extended vacation in South America there are not many people that don’t want to see at least some part of the world. And there is so much to see; if you are as curious as I am you will never run out of ideas of places to visit.

Have you ever been on a vacation, soaking up the beach in the Bahamas, enjoying the culture in Europe, or chowing down on exotic foods in Asia and thought: man, it’d be great if I lived here Maybe you don’t even know where to begin finding information on moving abroa

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