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China Teaching Tips for the Uninitiated

  • Post by Charissa
  • November 10, 2016
China tips

Coming to China to teach English for the very first time can be rather daunting. However, with the proper preparation and right mindset, you will have little to worry about after you arrive. Here are a few China tips to make your  life easier in China.

Pack essentials you can't find in China

There are certain things such as good chocolate, supplements, and proper shoe sizes that are very hard to find in China. Also, bringing treats from home can help alleviate any homesickness you may feel down the road. Be sure to do your research on things foreigners can't find in China. This G

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The Hiring Process: The Interview

  • Post by Tony
  • October 29, 2015
Interview in China

Just like any job, before being hired you can expect to go to at least one interview, if not several. Of course, finding a job in China is no different. And just like a typical interview in your home country, it is meant to give both parties more information about the other. During an interview conducted via Skype, the school will be seeking to find out more about you, and you more information about the school.Because you lack the ability to physically see the school, and the school lacks the ability to see you before signing the contract the interview carries some more weight. Both you and the school want to make sure that the other will be a good fit. There are several things that a school consi

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7 Ways To Rock Your China English Teaching Job

  • Post by Charissa
  • August 30, 2015
English Teaching

Teaching abroad can open the door to many different possibilities. China is a great place to start teaching because English teachers are in high demand and the cost of living is quite low. If you’re new to English teaching in China, here are a few tips to have the best experience possible.

  1. Pick a great school or placement company to work with
Most schools in China are reputable, but not all. Carefully choose several schools that interest you by reading online reviews. Once you have narrowed the list down, contact a few of the schools that offer interesting English teaching positions and ask to talk with

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