One-Stop Jobs Solution for Americans and Foreigners in China

Welcoming hundreds and thousands of teachers with excellent teaching job opportunities in China, Top Notch ESL has gained huge reputation in the market as one of the largest global job panels worldwide. We being the only consultancy that shelters knowledgeable individuals, promise all our American clients to help them find the perfect English teaching jobs in China.

We understand how difficult it is to move in a new country and get settled in there and thus, we specialize in providing proper guidance to our candidates. Our consultants can not only help you find the best jobs in china for foreigners, but can also ensure that they face no hindrance after arriving in the foreign country.

We Serve According to Your Need:

At Top Notch ESL, we do not only provide you with excellent consultation for English teaching jobs for Americans in China, but also arrange Skype chats with our consultants, such that you can solve all your queries. During this Skype chat, you can share all your demand and preferences with our consultants like in which city you wish to live and some specific schools where you would prefer to work.

Finding jobs in china for Americans often seems to be a daunting task, but with us, you can easily overcome such situations. This is because Top Notch ESL would then act as your personal agent and helps you find the best school and accommodation for a smooth and settled life in abroad.

Our Streamline Process of Providing Excellent Consultation:

We incorporate a simplified process to assist our clients. If you are looking for expats who can find great jobs for Americans in abroad, you can opt for our excellent job search process, such that you can refine your job hunt and go for the one that suits all your needs and requirements.

  • Our process starts with a consultation, where you can talk with our consultants and discuss about your needs and requirements in jobs for foreigners in china.
  • After consulting with you, they will arrange an interview sessions with the schools, such that both of you gets an opportunity to know each other.
  • Once you get selected by the school, a contract would be sent to you, such that you can try understanding it all by yourself, or can also opt for our help for best interpretation.
  • Once you sign the contact, we will be arranging your visa and also the temporary accommodation, where you can make your stay, after arrival.

Jobs in China for foreigners are many but you need to find the best amongst all. So, waste no more time and start opting for our excellent consultation.

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