How to become an English teacher in China

Hundreds of people are welcomed to China for excellent English teaching job vacancies each year. Starting an English teaching jobs career for foreigners in a new country is daunting. We, at Top Notch ESL, will help you in all possible ways to have a comfortable career in China. Representatives of our consultancies are native and work to provide you all that are necessary for settling comfortably in China. Renowned for welcoming several promising foreigner as ESL teachers in China, Top Notch ESL looks after all your requirement.

We try to understand the difficulty that each foreigner faces when moving into a new country and settling there for English teaching job. Our consultancy not only helps you find the best English teacher jobs in China but also helps you find an apartment to live in, solves Visa issues and placement details.

A One-Stop Solution To Your Need:

At Top Notch ESL, you find a solution to all your problems and answers to all your doubts or queries about English teaching jobs in China. A Skype consultation is available before you are recruited for an English teaching position in China. The consultation is sort of a meeting where representatives from our country try to understand your needs and make a placement as English teacher in reputed schools of China.

Our representatives start helping you right from the time you land in the foreign country. Though finding an English teaching job abroad may prove daunting, with our consultancy you can avail a more secure and comfortable stay in China. We work as a personal agent to help you have a hindrance free career in China for English teaching jobs.

Our Streamline Work Process:

The work of our consultancy begins with a Skype chat from your hometown. The process is described as below:

  1.  Starting with our Skype consultation where we individually speak to you and know the desires and expectation of yours from English teaching jobs abroad.
  2.  After consultation, we arrange for meeting and interview with the school that is offering English teaching positions so that you get the opportunity to know each other.
  3.  After you are selected for as an English teacher for China schools, a contract is sent to you and we explain each term you face difficulty in understanding.
  4.  Once you get selected we arrange Visa, solve all paperwork issues and wait for your arrival in China.

In China, English teaching jobs are abundant, but we help you find the best amongst all. So, without wasting any more time you may opt for our consultancies for excellent assistance.

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