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Learn About The People Who Are Here To Help Make Finding A Job, Getting Your Visa, & Transitioning To China A Smooth And Simple Process

Sophia founded Top Notch ESL in 2009 with the vision of offering foreigners a safe & reliable outlet to find teaching jobs in China. She enjoys reading books, going to the beach, and playing with her daughter. Sophia is a passionate person and loves to see foreigners come to her home country and truly experience all it has to offer.

Sophia Yue

CEO & Founder

Kevin first came to Top Notch ESL as an English Teacher in one of our Kindergartens in 2014. He has since transitioned in to a webmaster and recruiting role. Kevin moved to Beijing to be with his girlfriend, Tiffany, and loves going on trips all over China with her. He also enjoys playing League of Legends in his free time.

Kevin Harwick

Webmaster & Recruiter

I am a fellow expat who has chosen China for my career path which started back in 2008. I enjoy good conversations ( one of the reasons I do love my job – meeting all the interesting people we work with), learning languages, trips to exotic new destinations and I can definitely appreciate a good read . I do enjoy helping and talking to foreigners who want to explore and get to know Chinese culture better, as well as interacting with my Chinese colleagues and learning more about the local ways and traditions . Just like any other young person I do like hiking , sports and going to the movies.


Blogger & Social Media Marketer

Renee has a lifelong passion for learning! She studied at Capital University of Economics and Business. Renee likes watching TV shows & skiing. Renee is also an outdoorsy person and loves to explore her homeland! She will be learning the ropes with us here in the office at Top Notch ESL during her internship.

Renee Wei


Derlin is our Training Center Placement Director, she assists you with your placement at a school. From Hebei province, Derlin likes reading, traveling and meeting new people. She has been with us here at Top Notch ESL for many years and has always done a great job. It would be her pleasure to find you a suitable job here in China!

Derlin Zhao

Training Center Placement Director

Annie is our Kindergarten Placement Director. She will be assisting you with being placed at your job. She is also our Trainer for incoming teachers. Coming from Hebei province, she moved to Beijing 9 years ago. Annie likes singing, watching movies, and traveling. She is more than happy to help you with any questions you may have about China.

Annie Ma

Kindergarten Placement Director & Trainer

George is our Foreign Affairs Liaison. He is the go-to-guy for many things. He will be assisting you with apartment hunting, showing you around, and taking you to the hospital if you ever get sick. George is also a serious movie buff, so naturally he has an extensive collection of DVDs that he loves to watch at his home with friends.

George Lv

Foreign Affairs Liaison

Carina is a Foreign Affairs Liaison with us here at Top Notch ESL. She is a fountain of knowledge! She always knows the best route to take somewhere, where to buy a specific item, and how to really enjoy everything in China. Carina loves to read and garden. She’d be more than happy to show you her stomping grounds of Shangdong province!

Carina Gao

Foreign Affairs Liaison

Julie is a Recruiting Specialist here at Top Notch ESL. She is originally from Hubei Province, but now lives in Beijing. Julie loves to shop. shop, and shop some more. She also likes to watch TV and travel. Julie will be one of the first people you interact with here at Top Notch ESL! She’ll answer your initial questions and get the ball rolling.

Julie Qin

Recruiting Specialist

My name is Glory and I am from South Africa, I moved to China 8 years ago to pursue my degree and I have been living in China ever since. During my spare time I like to hang with my friends, read novels and watch movies.


Recruiting Specialist

Sally is a Visa Representative for us here at Top Notch ESL. She handles all your Visa questions and guides you through the whole process of getting your visa, keeping it valid, and prepares all the paperwork you will need to be granted a Chinese visa. Sally is a girl with a ton of energy in the office and keeps us always laughing with her jokes.

Sally Xia

Visa Representative

Karen is a Visa Representative with us here at Top Notch ESL. She oversees all visa matters in our office. So when you have any questions or concerns about any and all things visa related, Karen is the person to go to! She is also a food connoisseur and loves to try new foods. Karen would love to tell you about the food you will come across in China!

Karen Yang

Visa Representative

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