When my laptop adapter burned out the day after I landed in China, I cannot tell you how stressed I was. Luckily, George from Top Notch ESL was there for me! He took me to an electronics market and spent most of the afternoon with me making sure he could find someone to repair it. Although they couldn’t fix it, they sold me a new cord with George doing some haggling to get me a fair price.

Current Teacher at Manoo English

Karen from Top Notch ESL was my very first agent when I moved to China. Moving abroad -especially to the other side of the world- can be so daunting! So I’m extremely grateful that I had her to support me, no problem was too small! Karen was the person who helped me get started in China, and now I’ve gone from being an English Teacher to becoming an actress! Thanks for getting me started Karen!

Former Teacher at ELFA Kindergarten

Believe it or not, I was not expecting to be assisted by the CEO of the company, but that’s exactly what happened when I applied to an ad I saw from Top Notch ESL. Sophia had messaged me and given me all the info I needed and assured me that she was in my corner. Even when I came to Beijing, Sophia was the one waiting for me at the airport! Top Notch ESL is such a personal company, and Sophia really makes everything so simple.

Teacher At Romp N’ Roll Kindergarten

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