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China’s Best Breakfast Foods

  • Post by Charissa
  • November 21, 2016
Breakfast Food

Chinese food is delicious and extremely varied, but in the morning when you're looking for breakfast food to eat, there are just a handful of staple foods you can't miss out on. Here's our top five favorite breakfast foods to eat while hanging out or teaching English in China.


One of the fastest breakfast foods you can buy on the street is a steamed bread that stuffed with a wide variety of fillings. It is not only warm and filling, but it's cheap, fast, portable and healthy which makes it the perfect breakfast food to grab on your way to work. You will find people selling baoz

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Eight Chinese Cuisines You’ve Never Heard Of

  • Post by Charissa
  • November 19, 2015
Chinese cuisine

No matter where you were born, chances are good that you’ve had Chinese cuisine before. There are thousands of dishes that can be classified as Chinese food, but did you know Chinese food can actually be broken down into eight unique cuisines? Just like any country, food in China is different by region and province. In China, many cities even have their own special dishes! However, overall, Chinese food can be classified in the following eight categories: Lucai, Huicai, Xiangcai, Mincai, Sucai, Zhecai, Chuancai, and Yuecai. Lu Cuisine 鲁菜 LǔcàiLucai is the perfect food for a sodium junkie who loves seafood. You’ll typically find Lu Cuisine around Read More

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